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About me

I am passionate about counselling and EMDR therapy as I have benefited greatly from them in my own life. I feel privileged to be able to offer these opportunities to others. I am committed to providing a tailored service for individuals so that they can own their own story and live an authentic, fulfilling and more mindful life.


My path to working in private practice includes volunteering for a homeless charity and for a low cost counselling service. I have worked with a diverse range of clients to help them own their life story. This has included people who have mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder and PTSD. I have worked with survivors of sexual abuse, people undergoing life transitions and those with chronic illness among many other issues.

I am particularly passionate about working with individuals to live their most authentic life as I believe we all have something important to offer and that we can gain greater contentment if we are true to ourselves. I am very interested in the connection between body and mind and know that focussing on this can be hugely beneficial. I also believe that creativity can be an amazing tool for healing and discovering who we really are.

Prior to becoming a counsellor, I worked for many years in human resources so I have a great understanding of workplace stress, bullying and special insight should you be looking for a new career. It has also contributed to my passion for personal development both for myself and others. I worked in organisations including education, charity and commercial so understand the stresses and strains within different organisations. 

 I am committed to collaborating with you to find the answers that are best for you.

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