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About me

Hi, I'm Beth and I feel privileged to work as an integrative counsellor, specialising in counselling for women who have experienced trauma. I treat and regard the stories I hear with the care and consideration that they deserve. 

I work with women who have experienced trauma because I have been in the position myself where past trauma has held me back and meant that I wasn't being true to myself. I want to be able to help women process their pain and grief and to move towards freedom and healing (in a similar way that I was helped in the past). 

Before having my own life changing counselling, and after gaining a history degree (which I didn't know what to do with) I went from job to job (in the events industry and then Human Resources). The experience of taking on roles that weren't meant for me means I know what it is like to feel like a fish out of water and to struggle with  being my authentic self. I like to think that I am proof that it is possible to turn things around!

In addition to running my private practice I am the Co-founder of Counsellors Therapy Pot, a membership organisation for counsellors. We currently offer affordable counselling for counsellors. We founded CTP because we think it is very important to look after the mental, emotional and financial wellbeing of counsellors. Not only do we feel passionate about empowering other counsellors, but we believe it is a way of looking after clients too as counsellors will be able to provide better counselling if they have the support they need. If you would like to learn more please visit our website.  

In addition to this I am a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. I my spare time I love art (in particular Lino-printing), swimming, walking in nature and reading. I am passionate about creativity and believe that most of us are more creative than we think. I believe creativity can help us heal and express ourselves. 

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