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Life Coaching

Specialising in career and empowerment coaching

What is life coaching?

Coaching can help you to define what you want out of life, set goals and find ways of reaching those goals. We all find ourselves stuck at times and we may benefit from getting support from someone who is impartial to help us focus and find our direction. Coaching increases your self-awareness which includes knowing your values and what is most important to you in life. It also helps you to recognise any negative patterns of behaviour that might be holding you back.

What type of coaching is on offer?

I provide a friendly and effective coaching service in two main areas:

- Career and workplace coaching. This is due to a considerable background in HR and recruitment as well as a Post-graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management.

- I also provide empowerment coaching for those who have faced adversity and would now like to build an authentic new life. My counselling experience and expertise helps me to understand the negative patterns of behaviour that may be present and may hinder us from reaching our goals. 


What is the coaching approach?

I believe that the answers are all within my clients. I will not give you trite advice or tell you what to do. I will help empower you to find the answers within yourself and give you the acceptance, focus and space you need to move forward. I am warm and empathic in my approach, but I will also challenge where necessary to support the process. I can use creative methods in my coaching such as using stories, art and other creative exercises. Coaching sessions are confidential, and I am highly ethical in my approach. I also welcome any feedback from my clients to improve the service and to ensure that you achieve optimum results.

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