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Writing Therapy

To begin writing from our pain eventually engenders compassion for our small and groping lives. Out of this broken state there comes a tenderness for the cement below our feet, the dried grass cracking in a terrible wind. We can touch the things around us we once thought ugly and see their special detail, the peeling paint and grey of shadows as they are – simply what they are: not bad, just part of the life around us – and love this life because it is ours and in the moment there is nothing better. – Natalie Goldberg (Writing Down the Bones)

How might writing therapy help me?

Writing Therapy is purposeful and intentional use of reflective writing to aid mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness. Writing therapy can be both healing and revealing. The act of writing things down often relieves tension and can bring clarity to a situation or feeling.


By embarking on journal therapy, it allows you to not only write down and clarify a situation or how you are feeling but to also have a dialogue with that writing and analyse your thoughts and concerns. Writing therapy can increase awareness and insight, promote change and growth and further develop your sense of self.

Writing therapy can also be hugely beneficial when it comes to your relationship with the past. Your capacity to move forward as a developing being rests on a healthy relationship with your history. Psychotherapy relies heavily on memory and on the ability to retrieve and organise images and events from the personal past. If you learn not only to tell your stories but to listen to what your stories tell you, you can become more self-aware and may experience closure or at least a more comfortable way of living with the past.

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Transforming online writing therapy course plus small writing therapy groups in the Oxford area. Do contact me if you are interested and I can update you when I have more news.